February 2, 2018

Want To Create A Stunning Garden? Explore A Garden Trail In Ireland First

Even if you don’t have a large space at your disposal, you can still create a charming garden. But it’s not always easy to find inspiration or know what to do with your garden. That’s why going on a garden tour, such as the Carlow Garden Trail, can be valuable. This trail offers the chance to see beautiful gardening attractions in a number of settings, and a variety of gardens that have stood the test of time. They’re all sure to inspire you to create the garden of your dreams.
July 21, 2017

Carlow Garden Festival

Here in Ireland, we like to complain about the rain – and to be fair, it does rain quite often – but the redeeming feature of our much-maligned damp, mild weather is that we have the perfect climate for a wide range of beautiful plants, from the ornamental to the edible! That’s one of the reasons why we have a long tradition of both formal and informal gardens on our emerald isle, and why even amateur gardeners can achieve fantastic results, regardless of how much, or how little, garden they have at their disposal.
July 21, 2017

Carlow Golf Classic

With our verdant landscape and mild climate, Ireland is one of the world’s premier destinations for golf – and we have plenty of home-grown players of all ages and levels of ability, too! Both professional and amateur golfers flock to Ireland from all over the world to enjoy playing the realbeautiful game in gorgeous natural surroundings and to enjoy Irish hospitality. Carlow offers an ideal setting for golf and, with a location accessible from Dublin and other major urban centres, and from a wide hinterland, is perfect for golfing events.