Want To Create A Stunning Garden? Explore A Garden Trail In Ireland First

Want To Create A Stunning Garden? Explore A Garden Trail In Ireland First

A recent study by the Irish Food Board found that 1.3 million people in Ireland love to garden. Ireland is the perfect gardening destination, with its temperate weather and beautiful indigenous plants that include 28 orchid species. Even if you don’t have a large space at your disposal, you can still create a charming garden.

But it’s not always easy to find inspiration or know what to do with your garden. That’s why going on a garden tour, such as the Carlow Garden Trail, can be valuable. This trail offers the chance to see beautiful gardening attractions in a number of settings, and a variety of gardens that have stood the test of time. They’re all sure to inspire you to create the garden of your dreams. Here are some benefits to going on the trail, whether you’re a beginner or expert gardener.

It Expands Your Imagination

When you go to a local nursery to get ideas for your garden, you might see some lovely plants and flowers but still feel unsure about what you want to achieve. Seeing a fantastic garden in action that’s been beautifully maintained – or left rugged and natural – helps you to see gardening potential in a completely different light. A great example is Altamont Gardens, known as the jewel in Ireland’s gardening crown. From sculpted yews to exotic shrubs, there’s inspiration to catch your eye at every turn, and you’ll see how you don’t have to be limited to just one style of gardening.

It Appeals To The Five Senses

Some of the most impressive gardens are those that have more to offer than beautiful flowers. For instance, having an eye-catching fountain in one area of the garden can give it much more personality. The idea is to appeal to people’s senses, and inspiration can be drawn from the Delta Sensory Gardens. In these 16 interconnected gardens that celebrate natural elements such as water, you’ll find a treat for all your senses. One of the showstoppers is the stunning fountain that pours out of rocks into a pool surrounded by colourful flowers.

Outdoor fountains should be well-maintained and double up as stunning artworks. Take inspiration from the outdoor fountain at Delta. This incorporates water to create a relaxing, serene atmosphere. Stunning sculptures within water features give a focal point for visitors to look at and usually comes with an interesting backstory.

It Helps You Create A Sanctuary In Your Garden

When you think of a sanctuary, you think of a calm, soothing place filled with greenery and birdsong. Are you thinking of forests? You should be! Explore the Rath Wood which is a leisurely walk on the Garden Trail filled with beautiful forest delights. You’ll see lots of insect and bird species, and many trees, such as majestic oak, beech, and douglas fir. You’ll feel mentally cleansed and invigorated. Being in forests lowers your stress, calms feelings like aggression, and improves your immunity. Take inspiration from Rath Wood and plant more trees in your garden. Your greener garden will feel more spiritual while benefiting the environment which is always a good thing.

Going on the Carlow Garden Trail is a must for anyone living in or visiting Ireland. You’ll get to see 19 outstanding gardens, enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape, and gain some great ideas for your own garden at home.

Composed by Sally Writes.