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Ballon Tree Trail


The Carlow Garden Trail is delighted to welcome the Ballon Tree Trail as an affiliate member of the Carlow Garden Trail. The Carlow Garden Trail attaches great importance to community-led green spaces and the vital roles they play in supporting biodiversity, protecting the environment and promoting both the health of the planet and human wellbeing and so while not a conventional garden, the inclusion of the Ballon Tree Trail reflects the progressive attitudes to gardening in County Carlow.

This short tree trail through Ballon Village passes by twelve Irish trees, each denoted with a plaque including willow, wild plum, hawthorn, oak, elder and many more. A lovely route, the walk takes you past many heritage buildings and cultural attractions along the Ballon Heritage Trail including the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the old graveyard, the Lecky family graveyard at Ballykealey, Ballon Hill, one of the most important sites in Ireland during the early bronze age period, and the Bull Tree on Main Street. Although it is more usual to plant ornamental tree varieties in village centres and housing estates, native trees attract more native birds and insects, and so increase biodiversity within the village.

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Please check for further updates on Covid 19 restrictions on the Ballon Village website at www.ballonvillage.com and check the Carlow Garden Trail website or the Carlow Tourism website.

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Ballon Tree Trail
Ballon, Co. Carlow, Ireland


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How to Find Us

The walk starts outside the Old National School in Ballon. Tours for groups can be facilitated with prior notice.

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Ballon Village has a full range of visitor facilities including parking, shops and a café.