Carlow Garden Festival

May 10, 2023

Carlow Garden Festival – Adam Frost and James Alexander Sinclair at Arboretum Home and Garden Heaven

After a closely contested "battle" which ended in a "draw" in 2022 there have been loud calls for a re-match this year. So if you missed what was widely acknowledged as the highlight of the Carlow Garden Festival in 2022, you have another chance to learn from two of the UK's most respected gardeners, Adam Frost and James Alexander-Sinclair who come together to present design concepts for an outdoor space. Adam and James will present two previous garden designs they have worked upon, providing lots of information, advice and helpful hints to create your own outdoor space. Whatever the size, aspect or style of your garden, you'll be guaranteed lots of ideas and tips that you can replicate in your own garden. Expect to hear about key design principles that guide the creation of an average sized modern garden interspersed with hilarious one liners and friendly banter.